Weekly Meeting Info

The Arlington Rotary Club meets weekly on Thursdays at the
Washington Golf & Country Club in Arlington
(3017 N. Glebe Road, Arlington 22207)
We gather around noon for fellowship.
Our meetings start promplty at 12:15 with a plated meal. 
Our speaker or program begins at 1:00 and we end promptly at 1:30. 
The cost of lunch is $21.00. 

Please note: If you plan on attending our meeting on August 16th, we will not be at the Country Club.  See our home page for more information.

Additional information about the Washington Golf & Country Club:


Parking signs are posted to help ensure safety and order. Members must notify Club management if a vehicle is going to be left overnight. The use of Club parking areas for private parties off-premises is prohibited without prior approval by management. The Club is not responsible for loss of personal property or for damage to vehicles driven onto Club premises or by the valet company.

Cell Phone & Portable Electronic Devices

Cell Phone Usage: Cell phones should not ring on Club property and must be placed on "silent", "vibrate" mode or turned off. As a courtesy to others, all incoming and outgoing calls must be made in a discreet manner and can only be received or made in the following areas: the locker rooms, parking lots, and roadways on Club property. The Club prohibits cell phone conversation throughout the remainder of the property. All calls in approved designated areas should be brief in duration and conducted in a subdued voice. Where possible, use the Club courtesy phones to return phone calls.

Portable Electronic Devices: In the Clubhouse, no electronic devices may be used in 1894 Dining Room, Bistro Terrace Areas; Laptops are restricted to the Men’s Locker Room, Ladies Locker Room, Ladies Lounge, Men’s Grill and Private Event Spaces. All other electronic devices may be used in ‘silent mode’ in all other Clubhouse areas. Any electronic device may be used in ‘silent mode’ in the pool area.


Indoor smoking policy: Indoor smoking on the Club’s property is only permitted in the Smoking Room and the Ladies Lounge adjacent to the Ladies Locker Room. Food and beverage service is not required to be provided by staff in the designated smoking areas. Lit smoking products are not permitted to be carried into other indoor areas of the Clubhouse.

Outdoor smoking policy:

Smoking is permitted on the lower veranda (outside the Men’s Grill and Tap Room), on the golf course and in the parking lots. Smoking is not permitted in any of the outdoor dining areas. Smoking is not permitted on the main floor outdoor terraces without prior consent of the General Manager in consultation with the House Chairman.

Dress Code

The following applies to members, guests, and children 10 years of age and older. Younger children are to be dressed in a manner appropriate to their ages and to the occasion. Members are responsible for informing their families and guests of the dress code and for ensuring that they comply with it.

Upper Level

Jackets are optional for gentlemen on the main floor and women should dress comparably.
Shorts, jeans and other informal attire are not permitted in these areas during hours of operations.

Rotary: Making a Difference ~ RI President Ian Risely