Make Payments

To purchase tickets, make donations or pay your monthly invoice here, click on Pay Now.
Payments could include donations, tickets for events, club dues, expenses, and
quarterly donations to AREF/TRF.
Please remember to include in the commnents section what you are purchasing.
MEMBERS - Also, if applicable, include the required fee (stated on your invoice).


You may pay by credit card and need not have a Paypal account. If you have your own Paypal account with a linked bank account, you may also pay by transfer from your bank account.

(Note: Paypal is a separate secure entity/site and not a part of The Arlington, Virginia Rotary Club.)

Note for Members of the Rotary Club of Arlington, Virginia:

Pay your regular quarterly invoice online here;

 include the approximate costs of credit processing as stated on your invoice.

Rotary: Be The Inspiration ~ RI President 2018-19 Barry Rassin