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Arlington Rotary Education Foundation Scholarship Application

1. This scholarship is for $10,000, paid in four equal installments over the four years of college. All graduating seniors from Arlington high schools who are residents of Arlington County are encouraged to apply.  Financial need is a major factor in allocating this scholarship. Typically, the scholarship is given to a student whose family earns less than $75,000. We encourage students
NOT to apply if their family earns greater that $75,000 as it is very unlikely, they will receive the scholarship.
2. The following documentation should be submitted via an online web-form. Please follow the link at the bottom of this page to fill out and submit the application.
*All responses must be completed and uploaded together. You will NOT be able to save partially completed applications. A word document with instructions and all questions is available for download  HERE. This is NOT the final application; it is an optional word processing version that will help you prepare for the online submission.  You will also see what other documents you need to have ready to go.  We recommend that applicants complete the application questions on their own word processor, saving as they go, then copy and paste them into the real application form, once they are ready to make their final submission. You will also need to have a parent standing by to sign the application.
3.The completed application package must be received NO LATER THAN March 31 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. Late applications will not be considered. 
Please do not send inquiries regarding the status of your application after receipt has been acknowledged.
4. Announcement of the winner will be made on or before April 15. All applications will be evaluated based on a combination of need, merit, and community service. The decision of the Arlington Rotary Educational Foundation is final.

Please follow this link to fill out and submit the application


(If guidance counselors cannot provide recommendations directly to students, please have them send recommendations directly to the email address:  Scholarships@ArlingtonRotaryClub.org )

Arlington Rotary American Challenge Stipend

Arlington Community High School (ACHS) students planning to graduate in 2023 and to pursue an A.B. degree at NVCC should contact their school counselors for more information. AREF will select recipients in consultation with ACHS school counselors and its administration.Awards

The AREF Selection Committee chooses the awardees of both the Arlington Rotary Scholarship and the Arlington Rotary American Challenge Stipend in early April. Recipients will be notified soon afterwards and honored at a Rotary Club event usually the same month.

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